Water Heater Inspection

A water heater is an extremely important device in your home, especially during the winter months and one can hardly have it not working. But many a times if precautions are not taken one might just find it giving up when you need it the most. That is where we come in; call Eastside Plumbing, Sewer, Septic, Electric, Heating & Air Services the experts in water heater servicing, repairs and inspections. We would take care of your water heaters and ensure that they are running smooth through the year.

Never ignore taking care of your water heater as it is an asset that serves you almost every day in a place like Seattle.


Once you have decided on which kind of water heater you want to use, get one installed or call us to do it. Because many clients often don’t understand the workings of the water heater, our men are send to guide them, inspect if the machine is working fine and that there are no sediments from overuse.

A regular maintenance of the water heaters will actually give them a long life. Our team of experts will examine the machine and tell you if it is working fine or maybe become too old or consuming too much of electricity. Such advice can be very helpful. Many of our clients also have annual maintenance contracts with us under which we do regular inspection of the heaters and repair, clean and upgrade any parts if necessary.


Often people are completely ignorant of the fact that there might be something wrong with the heater until they suddenly realize that they have cold water running down their shower and not being warned on a cold day can be a terrible thing for you. One reason more why you should schedule a regular water heater maintenance check-up with us. That way, it is in fact cheaper for you and far less hassle because you don’t have to maintain it yourself. Moreover the machine is better maintained, you consume less energy and it gives a longer life to the product too.

Many a times, water heaters build up sediment that damages the tank area leading to many defects including the heating function not working at all. If you see metal or rust in your tank’s water, you should know that it is time to call your plumbers for a water heater inspection Eastside immediately.


Whenever our team gets a call from one of our client’s we immediately send a message through our mobile vans. For a schedule inspection you will be informed about when the team will arrive, so that you can inform them of any problems you might be facing too. This actually helps in catch the small problems before they become bigger.

With professional inspections done of your heater, you can expect a visit from out team once a year and they will flush your water heater and complete a set of inspection procedures to check that the system is in place and nothing is wrong in its working. This process will extend the life of your water heater and decrease the risk of untimely breakdowns.


This inspection includes draining your tank, removing any sediment that might have accumulated, checking the pressure relief valve, checking for rust or any regular wear and tear. The team will also replace any worn parts, anode rods, and whatever they might think is necessary to make the heater run smoothly.

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